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Track the current ISS position and ISS orbit online

The ISS is a permanently manned international space station in space. It is currently operated by 16 countries and 5 space agencies and is being continuously developed. The international space station needs about 94 minutes for one orbit around the earth and it flies at an altitude of more than 300 km. The current position of the ISS with trajectory and real-time flight data can be found in the further course of this page.

Current flight data of the ISS
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ISS Live Stream

In the livestream below, you will see real-time video footage of the ISS. If the crew is currently on duty, it is possible that the camera switches to the internal view. Otherwise, the external camera is active. Since the ISS takes about 94 minutes to orbit the Earth, you will often see a sunrise or sunset. Between sunset and sunrise, the ISS is in the Earth’s shadow. During this time, a dark screen can usually be seen. Basically, a live stream can only be transmitted if the ISS has radio contact with Earth. If there is a momentary loss of signal, a blue screen will appear. The ISS livestream is accompanied by audio conversations between the crew and Mission Control.

Virtual tour on the ISS

Now you already know the most important flight data, the current position of the ISS and you have probably also watched the live stream of the ISS.  Therefore, it is now time for you to explore the ISS from the inside through a virtual 360° tour. This virtual tour is provided by ESA (European Space Agency). As soon as you click on the link, a new window will open and the tour will start automatically. Come aboard the ISS now.